Hypnotic and bouncing melodies from the king of kologo

New Video Release

King Ayisoba – Tribe feat. Akosua Agyapong

Taken from “Work Hard” out Feb, 17 2023 on Glitterbeat Records
Video by Nycelyne Studio Order: https://idol-io.link/WorkHard

TRY TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO SPEAK THEIR OWN LANGUAGE: This is a very important song that teaches us to try as possible as we can to teach our children our own languages. It’s good for everyone to be able to speak their Language. One which will help them to also learn their culture. Most ELITES ( Educated parents) children can’t speak their parents languages. Most immigrants children cannot speak their language. KING of Kologo, King Ayisoba therefore advised all persons to teach the children their local languages.