Here you find more kologo stars from Ghana, King Ayisoba is part of a vibrant scene from the North East Region of Ghana. Makkum Records released an album together with King Ayisoba that introduces you to eight other amazing kologo players:

How to build a kologo?
Take a calabash and a goatskin, which you stretch tight on top of the calabash. Then take a stick that is about four times the length between your pointing finger and your thumb. Span two nylon strings from the top of the stick where you fabricate two machine heads, down to the bridge that clips between the stick and the goatskin. Make two holes in the goatskin and shove the stick through it. The tension you create on the stick by hitting the strings, makes the goatskin vibrate and that gives you volume and sound. This is the basic design of a kologo. Some players pierce a few bottle caps with a nail and beat it into the end of the stick, which gives a rattling sound while moving the instrument. Most kologo players play with a large pick, a hard piece of rubbery (shampoo bottle) plastic.